Welcome to my Spice Kitchen!

Spices have been an intricate part of my life from a young age. Growing up in the Northern part of India, I started cooking at the age of twelve. For me, food is one of the most cherished part of my culture and heritage.

The journey to create Spices By Design started with a vision to instill the love for Indian cooking in my daughter and to keep the tradition alive within my own family. My broader vision is to make healthy Indian food more accessible, less intimidating and part of every household dinner table.

We offer two lines of products – Spice Blends and Specialty Items. To preserve the authenticity and flavors, all our products are hand crafted and made in small batches using only the finest ingredients available. We do not use any artificial colors, flavors, or fillers.

Spice Blends – Twelve blends to choose from

Specialty Items – Including Chai (Tea) Latte, Masala Chai, Spiced Hot Cocoa and more.

*As most of us run out of creative ideas of what to cook next, I would like to invite you to give my spice blends a try. They also make great gifts and are easy to mail.

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